Saturday, 17 January 2015

UFO Appears At The ISS During Evacuation

UFO Flies By Space Station In NASA Emergency Evacuation Video

A UFO was clearly visible flying past the International Space Station in a CBS News televised report on the NASA evacuation of the space station earlier this week. The footage aired by CBS was taken a something of a revelation by UFO watchers — but what does the CBS footage really show?

Is this spherical object an actual UFO, that is, an spacecraft of unknown, possibly alien origin? Is it “space debris,” which is the frequent NASA explanation for anomalous sightings of weird objects in the vicinity of the space station?

The interior of the space station is divided between the NASA section, which is occupied by American astronauts, and the Russian section. On January 14, an alarm went off in the U.S. section, indicating that a dangerous, potentially deadly leak of ammonia gas was in progress.

As an emergency measure, NASA ordered the U.S. astronauts to evacuate into the Russian section. The alarm turned out simply to be a false one. There was no ammonia leak, and the Americans returned safely to their own section of the space station. But naturally, the event sparked a frenzy of news coverage.

While researchers have been unable to determine if the UFO sighting captured in the video above by YouTube UFO video archivist Thirdphaseofmoon had actually aired on any other network, if authentic — which itself is perhaps a dubious proposition — it would mark the clearest sighting yet of the many sightings of UFO images near the ISS.

In fact, this sighting would make four since late October alone. But the extremely clear quality of this one perhaps calls into question its authenticity. Is this sighting simply too good to be true?

UFO Incident sweeping the web, Suggestions, Theories and officially debunked by Stargazer Nation, Video to follow on YT Tonight :)

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